Mini Militia Hack with MMsuperPatcher v2.1 by Kuldip & Phoenix

Mini Militia Hack

Mmsuperpatcher is the one of the best mod for Mini Militia Hack. Nowadays many mods are developing for Mini Militia, but the best mod is made with Mmsuperpatcher only in my case. This will help to hack the game without any technical knowledge regarding the app. Even you can make the mod with the Luck Patcher & Apk Editor Pro, but these methods need some basic knowledge regarding those. In this MMsuperPatcher you will be able to patch the Mini Militia while playing the game. That means you can Enable or disable the Unlimited Option while playing the game. That is one of the Exclusive feature.

This Mini militia mod is developed by the founder of Kmods (Kuldip Patel). He will always try to update the MMsuperpatcher with the latest Build of the game. So, If you are a big fan of this mod then try to donate some bucks to the developer. That will help him to get interested in updating this patcher. Even that will benefit able to us. In this Guide, we will give you the MMSuperpatcher latest link to the latest Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2. He is also releasing the patcher series for other games for modding. If you are interested to know what games are those, then leave a comment in the comment box. We will reply you asap.

mini militia hack
mini militia hack

New Features of MMsuperpatcher

  • CTF Always Win
  • Flag rewarded gun by Phoenix
  • CTF Spawn on Enemy Location by Phoenix
  • New Dual Wield Mod by Phoenix
  • Anymap Multiplayer by Phoenix
  • Walking Speed by Phoenix
  • Special Player speed by Phoenix
  • fire thrower by Phoenix
  • special proxy bomb by Phoenix
  • machete replace saw by Phoenix
  • Endless Saw by Phoenix
  • Want to read all the remaining features of the Mega MOD >> Click Here

Download MMsuperpatcher v2.1 to Hack Mini Militia

Here are two apks are to be downloaded. Once Try Blue apk if it not working for you then download the Red apk. The second apk is working 100% on Bluestack. So, If you want to play the game on Bluestacks then download red apk.

DownLoad Mini Militia v4.0.36 from here>>

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  1. Sir
    Make a mm patcher that can be patch to
    Any symbols we want like general of army or private 1st class etc
    No kill counter
    Auto fire
    Bullet pass through wall but not Avtar
    Unlimited bomb but not bullet
    50 of player can join in custom or wlan player
    Etc etc etc..
    Plz try to make plz plz plz
    For us

    plz reply
    And plz reply in this video
    That means I check only on utube
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