How to fix the errors/crashes on android device from Safe Mode

There is something wrong with your android device! You’re getting all shots of errors/crashes and you have no idea what’s wrong your device and you don’t want to lose your data by factory reset, then you need to enter into safe mode. In today’s article, I will tell you how to solve those kinds of errors/crashes on your device by simply entering into safe mode.

Android Safe Mode

What is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is basically an alternate state of an AndroidšOS in which the third party apps andšprocesses don’t run in the background which loves you to safely troubleshoot your android device.

How to boot into safe mode?

Now in order to boot into android safe mode single press the android power button, the shutdown window will pop-up then very carefully long press on the android power button. If you single tap on that the device will pretty much shut down. If you do it right, it will ask whether you want to boot into the androidš safešmode.
Tap on OK and you’re device will pretty much Restart and Reboot into safe mode, and some older android versions (below 4.0) you will need to completely turn OFF your device then turn it ON by long-pressing the power button and when you see the boot logo/animation hold down the volume down and Up at the same time until reboot into safe mode.

While on  the safe mode the watermark will appear at the bottom of the screen. As I mentioned earlier the third-party apps that you installed on your device runs anymore on being safe mode.

How to switch back to normal from safe mode?

Simply restart your android device

What are the advantages of Safe Mode?

1. Fix Freezes & Crashes:

If your device and getting a lot of error messages and you cannot figure out whether its a problem with your system or its a problem with third party app which is recently installed, you can find that by booting into safe mode. If you are no longer getting the errors that you’re getting earlier then its an issue with an app that you recently installed on your device.
To fix that issue simply by uninstalling that app on app section in šandroidš settings.

2. Get Rid of Malware & Virus:

If you got a virus, a malware (or) malicious app that you can’t uninstall because it is always running in the background that you can uninstall that kind of apps easily on safe mode, Now since the malicious app no longer on your device.

3. Saves the Battery:

One of the best features from device turn into safe mode, that can save the battery even increases the life of a battery, because of there is no longer third-party apps in the background.

4. A lot of RAM for Free:

Since enabled the safe mode there is no more running background third-party apps, so that lot of RAM is spared, that feels yourš android šdevice is Rocket Fast.

5. No more factory reset:

It Ihs the most useful feature of safe mode that can save you from factory reset in tour device. Most of the people probably when they got a problem with their device, 99% of people prefer firstly factory reset which will wipe all the apps and data. It is not only a time-consuming process but you are basically erasing the issue with all apps and data not erasing it. But by booting into safe mode you can find out the specific issue by either uninstalling it or fix it without losing data.

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