Install Xposed Framework in MIUI based on Android Nougat

Recently Xiaomi launched the new Version of the MIUI series which is MIUI9 based on (Nougat) Android 7.0+ operating system. For many of the devices, Miui9 is in the beta stage. Only stable global firmware updates came out to the Mi6 and Redmi Note 4x/4. At present it is based on the Android Nougat in future it will be updated with the Android 8.0 Oreo for eligible devices.

Now, Xposed Framework is available to the MI-UI ROMs which are running with Android Nougat 7.0 and 7.1+ phones. In this guide, we are going to show you how to install Xposed framework in MIUI9 and MIUI8 based on Nougat devices.

Even Xposed Framework for Android Nougat operating system is rolled out recently from the XDA forum developers of the Purify OS team with the help of @ABForce. Already developed the Magisk Module of Xposed Framework from one of the Team members of Purify OS. Now, Solarwarez member from XDA ported the Unofficial Xposed to the MI-UI ROMs which is working fine in MIUI9. This is currently on a testing platform that is why he didn’t post his build in xda forum. You will know this person before if you are using his build for MIUI based on android lollipop and marshmallow. Because he has also ported the framework for both Android 5.0+ and 6.0+.

Download Xposed Framework for MIUI

This is available for the ARM and ARM64 system architectures, and also it is available for the Magisk System-less Root. One of the best things is you may have a chance to pass the Safetynet check from the google via SafetyNet Fix app. Personally tested the Magisk Module which is working perfectly in my Xiaomi Mi5 running with MIUI9 beta version based on Android Nougat. My recommendation is, use the magisk module than official build.

  • ARM-Xposd v87 [SDK24] MIUI edition by SolarWarez based on PurifyOS – Download
  • ARM64-Xposd v87 [SDK24] MIUI edition by SolarWarez based on PurifyOS – Download
  • Magisk Module-Xposd v87 [SDK24] MIUI edition by SolarWarez based on PurifyOS – Download
  • ARM – SDK25 -MIUI by solarwarez – Download
  • ARM64 – SDK25 -MIUI by solarwarez –Download
  • Magisk Module – SDK25 -MIUI by solarwarez –Download

NEW* Xposed Framework v88.1 By Rovo89 and Modded by Psy_Man for Android Nougat 7.0+ based on MIUI9 (v7.9.21).

Even those are working on MIUI8. Below are the Latest release according to Rovo89 but these are made only for MIUI9 DEVELOPER v7.9.21 or above. If you are a MIUI8 running with Nougat 7.0 (SDK24) User download above files.

  • Arm64 SDK25 MIUI 9 Nougat 7.1+ – Download
  • ARM64 SDK24 MIUI 9 NOUGAT 7.0 – Download

Note:- SDK 24 = Android 7.0 and SDK 25 = Android 7.1+


  • Rooted Android ( Better to root with Magisk)
  • Xposed Installer apk by dvdandroid
  • Xposed Framework download from above
  • Magisk Manager and Magisk SU(if you want to install Xposed magisk module)
  • SafetyNet Fixer app ( To pass safety net Guide)

Install Xposed Installer Apk in Android Nougat

  • Download Xposed Installer apk by dvdandroid from here
  • Enable Unknown Sources before going to install Xposed Installer. Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Privacy >> Enable Unknown Sources. (Skip this Step if you did)
xposed installer for nougat
  • Install the app as like the regular apps.
systemless xposed installer
  • Open it. You will see some details about your device like Operating system or API level or SDK, Device Name, and CPU Architecture.
xposed framework miui android nougat
  • Cpu architecture is important in some cases in below procedure so you should remember that.

Install Non-systemless Xposed via TWRP Recovery

This is not a recommended method. But, you can also install Xposed Framework via this method. You may miss some benefits compared to Systemless Xposed. That’s it.

Step1:- At first you need to confirm that what architecture your device CPU is having from the Xposed Installer apk ( I hope you already remembered that thing)
Step2:- Now, Download the X-posed framework flashable zip file from the above download section according to the Cpu architecture.

xposed framework via twrp for miui

Step3:- Boot the device into Recovery mode. Tap on Install button from the home of twrp.
Step4:- Select the X-posed Zip.file from the storage.

xposed framework via twrp for miui

Step5:- Swipe the flash button. It will take less than a minute to complete and Reboot. Now, check the Xposed Installer app is that Framework is installed successfully or not.

Install Systemless Xposed framework via Magisk Manager

Kindly proceed with this method. So you do not change the system partitions. Then You will get a chance to pass safety net, and you can run some app which requires the safety net permission.

Step1:- I assumed that you have Magisk Manager Installed on your device before and Rooted with Magisk Su.
Step2:- Download the magisk module Systemless xposed framework from the above download section.

xposed framework nougat miui

Step3:- Open the magisk manager app and drag the menu from left to right.
Step4:- Tap on Modules section. And you will find the yellow color + icon. Tap on it.

install xposed on miui based on nougat

Step5:- Choose the Xposed magisk module from the storage directory.

xposed status is active on miui8

Step6:- Wait until the installation completes and reboot. Now open xposed Installer app, and you can see the active status.

Final Words:-

Finally, the Official Xposed Framework is Supported for the Xiaomi Android devices. This is the best thing to all X-posed lovers. Now, there is no need to go for Unofficial Builds. We will give the updates when rovo89 releases the new build. Even you can go with the Topjohnwu version, i.e., Magisk Module with this you may have a chance to pass safety net security.

Share this tutorial with your friends. I will meet you in next one.

5 thoughts on “Install Xposed Framework in MIUI based on Android Nougat”

  1. Saya pakai cara yang ini Install Systemess Xposed framework via Magisk Manager tidak bisa.
    HP saya tidak bisa nyala, hanya di halaman booting aja. Minta link Uninstaller nya….
    (mido, nougat, miui 8)

  2. My Mido Note 4(x) global version with MIUI Android 7.0 NRD90M did not start anymore after downloading and starting “Magisk Module-Xposd v87 [SDK24] MIUI edition by SolarWarez based on PurifyOS” from the Magisk Manager. (would I need the Xposed Installer apk though ? Xposed SDK24 module from rovo89 did just fail CTS). Mido shows MI Logo and “powered by android line with moving 3 point band” forever. Restart did not change anything. Can start into Fastboot and into TWRP What would be the best way to proceed ? Flash Magisk Xposed Uninstaller from TWRP ?

    • Now, you are in bootloop. Just Uninstall the Xposed Framework by Solarwarez by Flashing ( for download check above comment).
      You cannot pass the safety net with the systemless Xposed Framework it will be fixed soon (I’m hoping so).
      Download Xposed Magisk Module by Topjohnwu (v89.1)

      *FOR SDK24 (Android 7.0) :- Download

      *FOR SDK25 (Android 7.1+) :- Download

      • Hello, Thank you. Uninstall did respond with error e. g. “No MD5 File”, so I used my TWRP backup and Titanium. Magisk module SDK24 Xposed 89.1 from rovo 89 does work but fails cts. I do try xposed installer, xprivacy installer and xprivacy with AF+ and ignore cts fail for now. Thanks to all for help.


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