YoWhatsApp APK Download [Anti-Ban] in 2021 (YoWa Official)

Hey!! Want to download YoWhatsapp APK also known as YoWA? So, Below you can find the official link.

Whatsapp is one of the essential apps these days in so many countries. It has taken part in our daily basic needs. Even some of the android devices manufacturers preinstalled this app by considering the demand among the people and make new moves to their advertisement strategy.

I am sure every user in these days using this app for sharing their activities and sending multimedia messages instantly irrespective of age and profession. Daily we spend a couple of hours being active in our beloved one’s mind. Meanwhile, official WA features are limited to a basic level but users who are expecting more features.

They are migrating from Official to Modified apks. Here, I will give you one of the best Whatsapp mod called YoWhatsApp Apk (YOWA). From this post, you will YoWhatsApp Apk Download link without any hassle.

Now, WA has more than 100 Billion monthly active users worldwide. Surely In future, this app will go beyond our expectations. Anyway, its been frequently updating with new features and fixes but still it does not reach our needs.

If you are looking for more, then you should shift to YoWhatsApp (YOWA). The good thing is, Recently SMS has been completed 25 years, and now the reception of SMS is falling gradually because of instant messaging apps. Whatsapp will be the main reason for No more SMS word.

Download from the below

Do you want to use the 2nd account? So, download FMWhatsApp from below.

Download YoWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 8.30 in 2020

yowhatsapp apk download

Here, We will update the YoWhatsApp Apk frequently according to the Developers version. Bookmark us that will help you to get this fantastic YoWa Download link as fast as possible. I already made a recommendation for you with Gbwhatsapp. This is also a best-modified version of WhatsApp and downloaded more than 500k.

If you are looking for dual WhatsApp, then this YoWhatsApp Apk will let you do that. Even you can use 3 WhatsApp accounts by installing GBWhatsapp App as a third one along with the official. There are a lot of themes are available to download in the app and Customise the app as per your ideology.

Some of us have misconceptions about banning of account, but there are wrong and no issue regarding that, and it’s entirely safe to use. Even you don’t need to concern about your privacy it’s built with the same privacy measures of play store version, and additionally, you can enable the exclusive privacy settings on this app.


Here are Two variants available for download one is Yowhatsapp With Emoji Changer, and another is Yowhatsapp Without Emoji Changer.

These two are the same in Features, but there is a setting called emoji variant that will allow you change the emojis to facebook emojis, Emoji One v3, Android N, IOS 9 Flat, Android Oreo.

Download from the below

You can find this setting by going through (YOSettings >> Universal >> Mods >>Emoji Variant)

Without Emoji variant is also here and it is less size compared to emoji variant. If you are not a big fan of emojis, then use this app for saving some memory.

What is YoWhatsApp APK by Yousef Al Basha?

The first two letters represent the name of the creator. Yousef Al-Basha has developed the app. Yowhatsapp let you hide the blue tick marks, hiding last seen, online status, customizations, privacy mods, etc. day by day developer includes the latest mods.

The best thing is you will get an update notification when the developer releases the new build, and you can easily update to the latest version within the Yowhatsapp. If you want to donate the developer for his hard work, then click here for PayPal.

Version Info

DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Last updatedMay 09, 2020
Size33 MB

Features of  YOWA by Yousef Al Basha

As I said earlier, the mod is developed by Yousef Al-Basha, and he has officially named it as YoWA. But the users who are likely to use this app changed its name to YoWhatsApp. There are so many popular features has been introduced in this app that let users do their tasks easily.

These mods are mainly developed to fulfil the User Requirements because of Official Whatsapp haven’t introduced these yet.

Below I gave some of its features those will change your mind completely regarding this YoWA Mod. You will get Exclusive features after every update by the developer.

After reading this below lines, you will stick to this YoWhatsapp (YoWA) instead of Whatsapp certainly.

  • Custom Hide name: You can Hide the name of the group or contact
  • Disable Notifications: This feature will be helpful while playing voice notes.
  • Send media files up to 1GB: You heard it right this YoWA mod will allow you to send all media files up to 1gb length. This is not possible with any other WhatsApp mod.
  • Themes: loads of the themes are waiting for you if you are a theme lover. Approximately 4000 themes are available to download in the app itself.
  • Customization: If you want to tweak the whats app colour of the status bar, chat screens, Icon, Audio/video colour status bar, hyperlink colour and more. Then you should try this YoWA app in these aspects.
  • Ads Free: It’s completely free from unwanted ads. So, you can use this YoWA app without any annoyance. If you are wealthy enough, then help the developer by donating.
  • Extremely Faster: Highly optimised app and recommended app than the gbwhatsapp by considering in this aspect. You won’t feel any lag when using this YoWA mod.
  • Updates: This app will get latest updates according to the play store there no need to bother for that. You will also get features which are released by the WA team. You will get notified when the update is available within the app.
  • Privacy: There is no need to worry about your privacy. Its been build with the same privacy setting of the official Whatsapp. Additionally, you will get extra privacy setting too which are not available in the official version.
  • Set the status video up to 5minutes.
  • Hide view status or story privacy.
  • Send any file: you can send any file irrespective of the what extension they got. Ex:- apk, pdf, exe, rar, zip, etc. from the file manager.
  • Save Stories: You can directly save the stories which are neither videos nor images to your device.
  • Conversation Lock: One of the best privacy setting among all. You can set the pin or pattern or fingerprint lock to the particular chat.
  • Send Full Resolution Images: It can send up to the 7mb image file without any resolution loss. There is no possible way for this.
  • Call Privacy: the Exclusive feature that will allow you to select the person who can able to call you. (Yomods > Privacy > Incoming Calls)
  • Anti Delete Message: This will help you to get the message even other person deleted the message.
  • Video Share Limit: By using this app you can send the Video file up to 700mb. This is an insane feature.
  • Translate: Yes, You can translate the messages by holding the message and choose the translate option.
  • More…

Install YoWhatsapp (YoWA) On your Android

Step1: Download the Latest YoWhatsapp Apk from the Above links. Now, Click on the apk then you would get Installation block popup if you didn’t enable the Unknown Sources before. So tap on settings and Enable Unknown Sources Option.

YoWhatsapp Installation

Step2: Now, Again open the Downloaded folder and tap on Yowhatsapp apk. Now, Install the app Successfully.

YoWA download latest

Step3: Open the app, and you didn’t find any difference when compared to Whatsapp. It looks the same as that one. Now, Enter mobile number and verify it via OTP.

YoWhatsapp Apk Download latest

Step4: After successfully logged in to your account. Then click on three dots menu from the right corner of the chats screen. Now, You can see the YoMods Setting. Change your app as like you want.

YoMods Apk latest version

Final Words:-

From this guide, you will get YoWhatsapp apk download link directly. Yo Whatsapp divided into two variants one can be used for dual WhatsApp, and another can be used as single WhatsApp which replaces the original WhatsApp.

If you want to use a single account, then go for this version, but it does not support Samsung S5-6-7, Note4-5-7 devices. So better to stick with the above mentioned Yo WhatsApp apk.

Share this Amazing WhatsApp mod with your friends and rate this article. I will meet you in the next one.

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