GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime APK Download Latest Version

Whatsapp has many Users nowadays to share their activities and chat with friends. There are multiple features available in the Whatsapp application to compensate the User needs. But still, WhatsApp needs to develop more than that what it is having. This is how Modified versions are coming into the picture to attract the eyes of the users. In that race, GbWhatsapp and YoWhatsapp are the crucial and trendy versions to balance the user’s greed. In this Article, we will talk about the GbWhatsapp transparent Prime apk and How you can install it on your android device precisely.

GbWhatsapp transparent Prime apk is the somewhat modified version of GbWhatsapp apk. All the features are taken from the Gb Whatsapp original app, and the only difference you can observe from this is entirely transparent app.

That is the primary thing users love to use application insanely. It is Modded by Sam from the Website. The website has all the mods which are related to Whatsapp application only. If you want to test the all the mods, then you need to visit the website.

If you are that kind of person who always wanted to test the new thing, then this app is suitable for you. The user interface of this app is simply amazing.

Whole app interface looks transparent that means you see the home screen wallpaper every screen of the GbWhatsapp transparent Prime apk. Better to change the Wallpaper frequently to get the excellent experience while using the App.

GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime apk Download for android
GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime

Download GbWhatsapp Transparent Prime apk for Android

Some of the Exclusive Features also included, But one major drawback I feel is Size of the app is bigger than any other mod. It’s not an issue if you have enough storage space for app installations.

Exclusively, you can send Automatic Reply to the Contacts and Groups. All you have to do is set the message, delay time and some Auto reply settings and Trigger the enable button. It will do the rest of the job automatically.

Download the GbWhatsapp transparent Prime apk from below direct download link. Install it precisely by following the below step by step procedure.

We have shared some essential features that you get when you install the app. You will stick to this app after reading those features, and those will help you to boost the usage of GbWhatsapp transparent Prime into next level.


  • Dual Whatsapp Dual Account is possible with the GbWhatsapp transparent Prime. One of the beneficial thing when you want to use another account on the same device.
  • Updates – You will get frequent updates from the official source. You will be notified when it gets updated, or also you can check the latest update by going through the Gb Settings tab. All updates are based on the Official Whatsapp.
  • Notification of Revoked message – An exclusive feature that will help you to know the which message is revoked.
  • Auto Reply – We have already mentioned this features in the above. Auto Reply Feature is effective when you are busy.
  • Theming – There are several themes are available for the app. It is entirely based on Gbwhatsapp so, GBWhatsApp themes are working fine without any doubt.
  • Transparent prime themes – These themes are only available for this app. These give some gradient look to the transparent screen. Currently, 6 themes are available in the library such as Sky Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Yellow and blue theme.
  • Emoji Selector – You can find Different Emoji packs such as Android Oreo Emoji, Girl emoji, Old Emoji, Old Emoji, and Pikachu Emoji.
  • DND Mode – You will not receive or send any message until you disable it. The only thing it will do is Disable the internet access to this particular app.
  • Fonts – tons of fonts are available to apply. Select the font which you like most. Also, you can see the preview of the font.
  • Passcode – You can set the passcode to open the app. It will help you to protect your data from the Intruders.
  • Lock Chat – feature help you to lock the particular chat which is utmost confidential to you.
  • Customization – You can change the appearance of conversion screen, main/chat screen, popup notification, and widgets.
  • Increase Video/Audio Upload size – You can set the limit of Uploading video/Audio size up to 2GB.
  • Image Quality – Send Original images without disturbing the Resolution.
  • Video Limit for Status – Share the Full video as status instead of 30 Seconds.

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How To Install GbWhatsapp Transparent Prime Apk On Android

If you want to migrate to Gbwhatsapp without losing the data, then follow every step we have mentioned in this post.

Step 1: First you have to backup the chats from the Official Whatsapp. Go to the settings of the Official Whatsapp.

gbwhatsapp settings

Step 2: Now, Head over to Chats then Chats Backup.

gbwhatsapp chat backup

Step 3: Tap on the backup button to backup all chats data to your device memory.

gbwhatsapp transparent prime backup

Step 4: Time to download the GbWhatsapp Transparent Prime apk from the Above download link.

gbwhatsapp transparent prime apk

Step 5: Click on the apk which you have downloaded and Enable the Allow from the Source option to install the apk from Unknown Sources. 

Step 6: After Installation, Open the App and click on the Agree and Continue Button.

gbwhatsapp transparent download

Step 7: Now, You can see the Copy Whatsapp Data button. Tap on that to Restore all chat backup which you have done in the previous step.

Step 8: Enter Your Mobile Number and Verify with the OTP.

Step 9: Tap on the Menu Icon and Select GB Settings to customise the app that way you want.

Final Words:

One of the Finest guide to download GbWhatsapp Transparent Prime apk without a hassle. Who likes most of the things in a transparent way this app might be the best suited for them. If you have further queries regarding this blog post, then you can feel free to ask us in the comment box below.

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4 thoughts on “GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime APK Download Latest Version”

  1. This app is really honestly loving the transparent theme and all the other features.

    But the only thing that doesn’t seem to be working is the notifications 🙁

    Well they work but it only vibrates ..there’s no sound..I double checked to see if my phone wasn’t on vibrate but it wasn’t. I changed the ringtone but still it only vibrates when I get a message .

    I reinstalled the app but still facing the same problem.

    Is it a bug? Or my phone ?

    Please help

    • Hi Logan!

      It is working fine on my mobile. I think the issue is you don’t have an idea to set up.

      Go to app notification settings (through android settings >> Application manager {it varies device to device} >> Gb WhatsApp transparent >> Notifications >> Group notifications & Message Notifications >> Sound)


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